Thermal solar systems: solar collectors and solar systems

Due to our long lasting experience in the area of solar thermal technology with both vacuum tube and flat-plate collectors our solar systems guarantee best solar gain and highest cost effectiveness.


Thermal solar sytems

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compression tee fitting
T-piece 1/2" IG x 22mm x 22mm
(Artikelnummer: 130201200)
12,65 €/pc *
Item no. 130201200

In stock, available.
Temperature sensor PT1000 1,5m Silicon
Short collector sensor (black)
(Artikelnummer: 390302201)
25,30 €/pc *
Item no. 390302201

In stock, available.
Solarbayer CPC12 Nero Vacuum tube collector
gross collector area: 2,18 m2
(Artikelnummer: 400101201)
1.150,00 €/pc *
Item no. 400101201

In stock, available.
Solarbayer CPC18 Nero Vacuum tube collector
gross collector area: 3,26 m2
(Artikelnummer: 400101801)
1.649,99 €/pc *
Item no. 400101801

In stock, available.
Solar water heater NANOSOL 135
Hot water capacity approx. 135 l
(Artikelnummer: 400913001)
1.480,00 €/pc *
Item no. 400913001

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