Solar water heater NANOSOL 135 Hot water capacity approx. 135 l


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The NANOSOL solar water heater is a
simple and compact all-in-one solution
for heating domestic hot water with
solar energy. It can be installed on the
on the ground, roof, balcony or terrace
and is therefore perfect for tiny
houses, garden sheds, allotments,
mountain lodges or swimming showers.
The system combines a solar solar
collector with an enamelled hot water
hot water cylinder and thus enables the
practical and inexpensive utilisation
free solar energy for hot water water
heating without the use of pumps. The
variable mounting system with integrated
elevation makes installation simple to
install. A water mixing valve must
be installed on site.

Technical data:
Tank capacity: 135 litres
Corrosion protection inside: enamelled
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 1095x1148x808
Weight: 64 kg (unfilled)
Collector aperture area: 0.96 m2
Transmission collector: 92 %
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Max. operating temperature: 90°C
Min. operating temperature: -20°C
(with optional heating element 1.2 kW)
Cold/hot water connections: 3/4"
Installation angle: min. 14° / max. 36°
Insulation: solid foam
Magnesium anode 1 1/2" built-in
Safety valve pre-assembled

Annual maintenance of the anode

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