Flat plate collector PremiumPlus 2,86 AL gross collector area: 2,86 m2 horizontal


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Solarbayer high-performance flat-plate
collector PremiumPlus AL 2.86 H in
horizontal design for on-roof and flat-
roof installation, ultrasonically welded
full-aluminium meander absorber with
highly selective TiNOX® Energy AL
coating, narrow pipe spacing 92 mm with
excellent heat transfer, frame profile
made of black anodised aluminium,
outgassing-free rear and side insulation
made of highly compressed mineral wool
50/20 mm, highly transparent structured
solar safety glass, laid floating

Technical data:
dimensions HxWxD: 1260x2270x99 mm
gross collector area: 2.86 m²
aperture area: 2.67 m²
connections: 4x quick connectors (22 mm)
empty weight: 39.5 kg
collector capacity: 2.1 litres
max. operating pressure: 6 bar
solar safety glass: 3.2 mm
stagnation temperature: 220°C
permissible collector angle: 25 - 65°
series connection: max. 15 collectors

Solar-Keymark and DIN-tested
according to DIN EN 12975

Collector yields and efficiency
according to Solar-Keymark certificate
(011-7S1636F) at the Würzburg site at
medium collector temperature

Annual yield per collector (GTY):
2039 kWh at 25°C (=713 kWh/m²)
1341 kWh at 50°C (=469 kWh/m²)
817 kWh at 75°C (=286 kWh/m²)

Annual efficiency (ηa):
57% @25°C / 38% @50°C / 23% @75°C

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