Solar system with approx. 1000 m² of solar collector surface provides process heat for the Hofmühl brewery

In 2007, Solarbayer GmbH applied to the Hofmühl Brewery in Eichstätt to realise the technically demanding project of the largest solar system for breweries in the world at that time. The consistent solar system concept and the Solarbayer products offered finally led to Solarbayer being awarded the contract. Mr. Kraus, the managing director of Solarbayer: "Our CPC tube collector belongs to the class of the most powerful collectors worldwide. The SLS® stratified storage tanks developed and patented by us have such precise stratification properties that it becomes possible to heat the tanks to 130 °C and thus provide sufficient temperature to generate process heat."

Since the completion of the system in July 2009 it has been running flawlessly. Approximately 80.000 litres of heating fuel are saved annually. This corresponds to the heating requirements of about 30 average single-family houses of older construction, or the heating requirements of about 133 single-family houses whose construction complies with the latest Energy Saving Ordinance. The climate protection goals of the German government can only be achieved in the long term if industry also covers a large part of its energy needs with renewable energies as soon as possible. In cooperation with the Hofmühl Brewery, Solarbayer has impressively demonstrated that this is technically possible and makes economic sense.

The required process heat for the production processes in the brewery comes to a large part from the over 1000 m² large solar system. Two custom-built stratified storage tanks were built, each with a diameter of 2.60 metres and a height of approx. 14 metres. This type of energy supply proved to be efficient and extremely economical. The managing director of Solarbayer, Mr. Kraus, is proud that the solar system "incidentally" even provides the majority of the Hofmühl brewery's space heating in winter. In 2010, the Hofmühlbrauerei was awarded the "SOLARBIER® - Gebraut mit der Kraft der Sonne" (SOLARBIER® - Brewed with the Power of the Sun) label controlled by the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, Department of Environmental Technology for the Food Industry. This was reason enough for the Hofmühl brewery to celebrate a big solar party with about 4000 invited guests.

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