Thermal solar systems in the Antarctica

The Antarctica is the continent with the coldest and harshest climatic conditions, the average outside temperature there is -63°C during the cold season. When it gets warmer in the Antarctic summer and we can talk about daily highs around zero, the staff in the research labs already speak of "incredible heat".

But anyone who thinks, that thermal solar energy is not possible there because it is too cold is mistaken. Solar systems in Antarctic research stations with high-performance vacuum tube collectors from Solarbayer supply domestic hot water there every day - free of charge!

Just 3 vaccum tube collectors CPC 18 easily supply 80°C flow temperature even at temperatures far below freezing point and heat the domestic hot water tank in the mobile shower container almost every day. A special solar fluid is used as antifreeze, which is especially suitable for extremely cold temperatures. Because the shower container no longer smells of the exhaust emissions from the petrol generator, it is also much more popular and there is a queue to get in.