Spare parts wood boiler BioX

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Split turbulator set BioX 15-20
for small ceiling height
(Artikelnummer: 330700100)
495,00 €/pc *
Item no. 330700100

In stock, available.
Split turbulator set BioX 25-45
for small ceiling height lower 2,20m
(Artikelnummer: 330700700)
495,00 €/pc *
Item no. 330700700

Out of stock, delivery time approx 3 - 4 weeks
Laddomix pump
UPM3 Hybrid 25/70 180mm ACA
(Artikelnummer: 390015000)
215,00 €/pc *
Item no. 390015000

In stock, available.
draught fan complete BioX 15-20
for extracting the flue gases
(Artikelnummer: 390700400)
495,00 €/pc *
Item no. 390700400

In stock, available.
draught fan complete BioX 25-45
for extracting the flue gases
(Artikelnummer: 390700500)
495,00 €/pc *
Item no. 390700500

In stock, available.
Lambda sensor / step sensor (JP)
suitable for HVS-LC/BioX
(Artikelnummer: 390700800)
275,00 €/pc *
Item no. 390700800

In stock, available.
exhaust gas sensor BioX PT1000
length 1950mm
(Artikelnummer: 390700900)
71,50 €/pc *
Item no. 390700900

In stock, available.
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