Heating cost comparison

Make your individual heating cost check. Find out how you can save money in the long term with renewable energies. With our calculation tool you can easily calculate your heating costs and compare and find the ideal heating system for you in just a few steps.

Calculate energy consumption per year for heating and domestic hot water

If you know your daily heat demand you can enter it manually (e.g. daily heat demand = heating load * 24 h).
The daily heat demand must be entered in kWh per day!

If you do not know your daily heat demand, you can calculate it approximately with our calculation program:

Approximate calculation of the daily heat demand based on heating and hot water demand

 kWh per day

 kWh per day

If you already know your annual energy requirement you can enter it manually in the corresponding field. Please note that the annual energy requirement must be specified in kWh per year. As conversion factor for heating oil you can use a reference value of 1 ltr per 10 kWh. Example: a heating oil consumption of 2500 ltrs equates to approx. 25000 kWh.


Annual price increase in %

According to statistics, the average yearly increase of heating oil price is about 10 percent over the last 20 years (with an upward trend). This is a fact that is unfortunately often not taken into account when calculating the profitability of a solar system or heating modernization.