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   Technique simply explained

To find out more about heat pumps, wood log heating systems etc, see the Solarbayer product videos and hydraulic animations and get an insight into the performance of Solarbayer's technology.

   Heating cost comparison

In only a few steps you can calculate your possible savings of heating costs with the heating costs calculator from Solarbayer.

Collector comparison
   Collector comparison

In this comparison tool, you can choose from a list of different collectors with Solar Keymark certification and compare them with Solarbayer's high-performance collectors using the collector equation to calculate the efficiency curve.


Reference installations as well as projects from not quite everyday construction projects.

   Subsidy opportunities

To reduce CO2 emissions, the government has a wide range of programmes for changing from fossil heat sources to environmentally friendly heating systems. You too can benefit from the funding under the Federal Promotion for Efficient Buildings (BEG).