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The company Solarbayer

The Solarbayer GmbH, based in Preith, is a medium-size family run company. Since its foundation in 2004, Solarbayer has developed into a very reliable partner for wholesales and tradesmen as manufacturer and system supplier of wood heating system, thermal solar systems, heat pumps and innovative buffer tank systems. Sales in Germany as well as European and worldwide exports with distribution centers abroad have become very well established. Customers appreciate the reliability of Solarbayer products as well as the competence of advice we are providing. Prompt and flexible response to customer requirements has high priority. Specialist tradesmen, engineers and planners are trained on Solarbayer products in the company's own training center.


Manufacturing plants are mainly located in Germany as well as throughout the EU and guarantee highest quality features. Our large warehouse capacity ensures fast and on-time delivery of the complete Solarbayer product range.


The proven company motto of CEO Martin Kraus is: "Our products are characterized by quality and operating reliability. Nowadays this is known far beyond the boundaries of Germany. Our maxim is, and always will be, to offer outstanding products at a good price-performance ratio. This contributes to our higher-than-average success on the market. Our know-how goes further than standard applications. We have long since also qualified for the use of renewable energies for large-scale industrial plants. This know-how is our basis. Innovation in technology, modern manufacturing processes, a solid financial and company structure as well as a clear and innovative sales policy are the cornerstones of our company. This static guarantees the necessary stability on the market for renewable energies.“


The expectations of our customers associated with this statement in terms of quality, operational reliability, a good price/performance ratio, innovation in technology and sales, exemplary new manufacturing processes, and an extremely stable financial and corporate structure have been realized in full. The exceptionally stable statics have so far more than withstood the now well-known and constantly present "enormous suction and pressure forces" of the market. This is ensured, among other things, by the balanced product range. Through the right combination of our products, we offer customers perfectly coordinated system technology from Bavaria.

Quality management

In order to continuously develop our products, Solarbayer has invested in state-of-the-art measuring and test rigs. In addition to test rigs for biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal systems, Solarbayer now also operates a certified storage tank test rig in order to be able to determine the energy efficiency classes for heat storage tanks in accordance with the EU directives (ErP label). The measurement accuracy not only meets the EU-wide standards, but also allows in-house developments and prototypes to be adequately tested and evaluated according to standardized procedures. The test stand is used within the scope of the European certification procedures both for our own storage series and as a service for well-known competitors and their products to be certified.


Solarbayer has also successfully practiced for years the procedure of continuously evaluating customer opinions and taking their wishes into account as "guidelines" for further development of technology and service. Representative surveys show the consistently high level of customer satisfaction. We guarantee our customers that we will do everything to live up to this trust in the future as well. This is ensured in the well-run family business by all employees and, of course, the managing director Martin Kraus personally.


Solarbayer has also made a name for itself in another completely new area of business in the IT sector, namely the sale of professional business computers (workstations) and their customized configuration. These workstations are ideally suited for design engineers, planning offices, graphic designers or for industrial applications - in other words, for all demanding users.

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