Renewable energy is infinite and everywhere around us. Solarbayer is developing and evolving techniques for heating systems to make this resources available and to use it in most efficient ways.

Heating with sun
Heating with sun

Due to our long lasting experience in the area of solar thermal technology with both vacuum tube and flat-plate collectors our solar systems guarantee best solar gain and highest cost effectiveness.

Heating with wood
Heating with wood

With wood logs or wood pellets in combination with a Solarbayer biomass boiler you will heat eco-friendly, carbon neutral and ecological at highest energy efficiency and a perfect price-performance-ratio.

Heating with air & electricity
Heating with air

Solarbayer high quality heat pumps create a cozy warmth even with sub-zero temperatures with maximum comfort and highest cost-effectiveness. Use the cost-saving warmth from the air.

Heat storage systems
Heat storage systems

Solarbayer stratification tanks are one of the pillars of modern energy management. We offer the complete range of storage tank technology from the thousandfold proven stratification buffer tank across the high performance solar heat pump tank up to the individually designed special tank.

Hygienic DHW preparation
Hygienic DHW preparation

Fresh water stations are providing a hygienic and comfortable DHW preparation. In the large sized heat exchanger the water is heated just when tapped, so you always have freshly heated water when required. When you do not have enough space in your boiler room for a buffer tank and an additional classic DHW tank, the fresh water stations are the perfect solution.

Ingredients for your heating system
Ingredients for your heating system

Selecting the right heating components is essential for a functional system. Solarbayer offers an extensive range of high-quality system accessories for the efficient operation of your heating system..

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