WEA 6 IP water softening system version VAK-IP with economy salting


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Short description

Individual system for softening/partial
softening of cold drinking water.
Designed in accordance with
DIN EN 14743 and DIN 19636-100
quantity-controlled regeneration
in proportional mode with economy salting.
All connections on the inlet side are
spring-loaded non-return valves.
This eliminates the need to install a pipe or
system separator. Compact design with
electronic control unit, multi-port valve
with water meter and integrated
blending valve. The self-learning
control system monitors the current
water consumption situation and plans the
automatic regeneration during the night.
Menu-guided microprocessor control
for various operating modes with
following functions:
Diagnostic mode, fault detection
with indication on the display, residual
capacity and flow rate display,
Proportional desalination / regeneration
History data memory.

Pressure tank with ion exchanger
Integrated salt storage compartment
with filling opening, safety float valve
safety overflow

Technical data:
Nominal capacity DIN EN 14743 (m³x°dH): 10
Nominal flow rate at < 0.5°dH (m³/h): 1.4
Max. flow rate (m³/h): 2.4
(with blending from 20°dH to 8.5°dH)
Pressure loss (bar): 0.22
Salt consumption/reg. (kg) 0.5
Water consumption/reg. (liters) 40
Salt supply (kg): 25
Height (mm): 670
Width (mm): 320
Depth (mm): 500
Connections: R 1"
Operating pressure min./max. (bar): 2,0 / 8,0
Ambient temperature min./max. (°C): 5/40
Water temperature min./max. (°C): 5 / 30
Electrical connection: 230 V / 50 Hz

Mounting block with blending and
backflow preventer DN 25, 1 "x1 "x1 1/4"
Armored hose 2x1 "ÜM, DN 25, KTW
DVGW-tested, length 80 cm
Connections with flat sealed nipple
and union nut on both sides 1"
Temperature range: +5 °C to +80 °C
Total hardness measuring set

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