Solarbayer domestic hot water tank BW120 hot water tank type HR/E 120


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Item number: GSV07001
EAN (GTIN): 4067699811535
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Product weight: approx.  75 kg

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Monovalent DHW tank, with
plain tube heat exchanger,
high resistant double enameling
according to EN 12897 / SVGW
flange, magnesia anode

Technical specifications:
rated volume: 111 liter
diameter with insulation: approx. 600 mm
height with insulation: approx. 800 mm
weight: approx. 75 kg
max. operating pressure DHW: 6 bar
max. opearting temperature DHW: 95 C

heating surface: 1,1 m2
capacity coil: approx. 7,2 liter
capacity lower solar coil: approx. 5,5 liter
max operating pressure heating: 6 bar
max. operating temperature heating: 110 C

heating: 2xDN 25 (1")
DHW: 2xDN 25 (1" IG)
thermometer / circulation: DN 15 (1/2" IG)
anode: DN 32 (1 1/4")
cleaning flange

material: high-density polyurethane faom
Lambda λ insulation: 0,026 W/mK
thickness: approx. 50 mm +/- 10%
jacket: PVC foil, silver

Stand-by heat loss according to
EN 12897:2006: 1,13 kWh/24h
standing loss: 43 W
energy efficiency class: A

yearly maintenance of anode
retighten flange

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