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High quality flexible corrugated stainless
steel double pipe, insulated, with
integrated sensor cable, especially
designed for the perfect integration
of a solar thermal system.

Technical specifications:
stainless steel hose: AISI 316L,
material number 1.4404,
fine corrugation; EN ISO 10380
nano insulation: pressed approx. 5 mm,
open approx. 7 mm,
PVC coating, approx. 1 mm
sensor cable: integrated bifilar line
temperature range: -200°C to +200°C
(temporary up to +650°C)
heat conductivity: 0.020W/mK
dimensions: approx. 33 x 75 mm
min. bending radius (one-time): approx. 160mm
neccessary coupling nut: 3/4"

water- and moisture proof, UV resistant,
weatherproof, differentiation between
flow and return line

application area:
cooling and heating,
solar, air conditioning, ventilation

sold by the meter

The return and withdrawal of this
article is excluded, as this product is
will be cut to your desired length.

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