Solarbayer stratification buffer tank SLS-2500-2S-Plus, patented SLS-System


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Stratification buffer tank SLS-2S 2500
PLUS, with patented thermohydraulic
stratification control system (SLS).
The SLS system in the flow and return
line enable ideal heat stratification
during loading and unloading with
immediate heat availability. For higher
efficiency with different heat sources
and consumers. Two large heat exchangers
for zone loading for improved efficiency
of the solar thermal system. Additional
connections in the centre area with
baffle plates for more flexibility.
Numerous connections for sensors,
thermometers and an immersion heater.
Double fire protection fleece
insulation ISO-B1-PLUS with 220mm
thickness made from recycled fibres
(Oeko-Tex® Standard 100) incl. floor
insulation for low heat loss. Rugged PVC
jacket with stainless steel quick-lock
system for easy installation. In order
to penetrate the second insulation layer,
we recommend the optionally available
connection piece extensions as well as
the B1-Plus thermometer set.

Technical data:
nominal volume: 2427 litres
material: steel S235JR
corrosion protection outside: priming
height with insulation: 2440 mm
height without insulation: 2245 mm
tilted height: 2450 mm
diameter without insulation: 1250 mm
diameter with insulation: 1690 mm
weight: 413 kg
max. operating pressure: 6 bar
max. operating temperature: 95 °C

Heat exchangers (heating/solar):
surface top: 2.4 m²
surface bottom: 5.0 m²
capacity top: 14.7 litres
capacity bottom: 30.6 litres
max. operating pressure: 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 110 °C

heating: 4x DN50 (2")
heating: 4x DN40 (1 1/2")
immersion heater*: 1x DN40 (1 1/2")
*max. installation length: 1300 mm
air vent: 1xDN40 (1 1/2")
sensor (top): 1xDN15 (1/2")
sensors: 4x DN15 (1/2")
heat exchanger: 4x DN25 (1")
connections aligned in 90 degrees

Thermal insulation:
material: fibre mat
lambda λ: 0,0368 W/(mK)
thickness: 220 mm +/- 10%
protective sheath: PVC foil silver
fire protection class according to
DIN 4102 for the complete insulation: B1
Standby energy consumption according to
DIN EN 12897:2020-05: 2,78 kWh/24h
standing heat loss: 116

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