Solarbayer Inverter Heat Pump LWM16-3P Air-to-water heat pump 16kW R32/400V


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The Solarbayer Air/Water-Heat Pump
LWM 16-3P (400V) is a
compact "All-In-One" outdoor unit
including system regulator
"made and designed by Solarbayer"
with a integrated heating unit 9kW,
a High efficient pump A-class and
inverter well-regulated Scroll compressor

Technical information:
COP(A7/W35): 4,95
heating capacity (A2/W35): 13 kW
input power (A2/W35): 3,77 kW
COP(A2/W35): 3,45
heating capacity (A-7/W35): 13,1 kW
input power (A-7/W35): 4,85 kW
COP(A-7/W35): 2,7
operation voltage: 400/3N/50 V/Ph/Hz
max. operating current. (heating): 12/16A
recommended fuse: 12/16 A
(incl. 9 kW backup heater: 25/29 A)

height: 865 mm
width: 1385 mm
deepth: 523 mm
weigth: 177 kg

heating: 2 x DN 32 (G 1 1/4")

Operating mode (outside temperature):
heating mode: -25°C ... +35 °C
warm water: -25°C ... + 43°C
Operating mode (water circuit):
heating mode: +12°C ... +65°C
warm water: +12°C ... +65°C

Sound power level:
Nominal Lp: 58 dB(A)
(1m distance 1,5m height)

Typ: R32
capacity: 1,75 kg

energy efficiency class according to
EU-guidelines No. 811/2013
low temperature app. (W35): A+++
high temperature app. (W55): A++

please consider datasheet for further information
according guidelines (EU) No. 811/2013, No. 812/2013

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Operating manual LWM heat pump

Download (PDF, 6.5 MB)
Operating manual short version LWM heat pump

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Installation and operating instructions LWM heat pump

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