Wood gasification boiler HVS 60 LC 60 kW, wood-length: 0,7 m


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wood gasification boiler for wood logs 0,7 m,
boiler steel flame-swept parts 6 mm,
large fuel chamber 310L, downward combustion
control unit with digital display
for easy handling

Technical specifications:
width/height/depth: 785 x 1420 x 1260 mm
nominal boiler output: 60 kW
efficiency factor: 92,05%
water capacity: 180 l
max. log length: 700 mm
fuel chamber capacity: 310 l
draft requirement: 15-25 Pa
max. operating pressure: 3 bar
weight: 790 kg
exhaust gas neck: 196 mm
modulating exhaust gas temp.: 150-210 C
DIN EN 303-5: 2012-10

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