PV electric heating module incl. energy manager modulating 0-3 (12) kW, power to heat


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teh electrothermal station can be
used on buffer tanks and heating
registers of drinking water storage
tanks. Perfect for retrofitting to
existign accumulators. A compact
hydraulic unit wiht integrated output
measuremetn, power control and
accumulator charge management,
Independent of the Inverter and
power meter system.

- Stepless power modulation
(0-3 kW, depending on power surplus)
- Target temperature control
- Various additional functions
- Suitable for PV systems up to approx. 40kWp

tecnical datas:
heat power: 3 kW
max. pressure: 3 bar
max. tank temp.: 80°C
rated output: 0-3 kW (13A)
dimension: 605 x 400 x 240
E-connection: 1-phasig
PE 230 V AC 50-60 Hz
measurement: 3-phasig
required cross section: 2,5mm²
rated capacity: 0,2 l
max. flow rate: 300 l/h
connection: G1, Rp 3/4" IG
pump: Wilo Para 15/7 PWM
power consumption: 3-45 W
Measuring range power measurement: 0-70 A

Expandable with external
heating elements
- modulating up to 12 kW
- non-modulating up to 23 kW

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