precision draught restrictor KW ZUK 180


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The dimensioning of flue gas
systems or chimneys depends on the
fireplaces to be connected to it. The
resulting efficiency of a flue gas
system is, however, subject to natural
fluctuations due to temperature
differences between the seasons and
the weather conditions. To ensure safe
operation, the flue gas systems for an
assumed outside temperature of 15 Gr. C
(according to EN 13384). During the
heating period, when the systems are
mainly in operation, the unfavourable
temperature gradient can result in
excessive negative pressure in the system.
As a result, combustion is fuelled in an
inefficient manner. The efficiency
deteriorates and energy consumption
increases. Draught limiters limit the
negative pressure to the optimum value
for the fireplace.

Technical data:
Precision draught regulator to DIN 4795
with overpressure flap (Ex flap)
Completely made of stainless steel, optional
Chimney or flue pipe installation,
necessary mounting piece not included
Group (DIN 4795): 1...5
Outside/ nominal diameter: 180 mm
Air flow rate at pressure diff. 5/40 Pa:
Chimney draught adjustable: 10...60 Pa

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