Fine filter combination, 1" connection piece incl. rotatable pressure reducer


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Short description

Filter combination, DIN/DVGW tested,
together with connection piece
(included in delivery). Housing and
Transparent filter cup made of high-quality
Plastic. Backwashable fine filter made of
stainless steel. Backwashing of the
entire filter surface with filtered
Water through powerful, bundled
Water jet using impeller technology,
without interrupting the water supply.
With memory ring as a reference to the
next backwashing. Inte-
frozen drain connection with aeration
openings according to DIN 1988 part 4.
Pressure-reducer with relieved
single-seat valve. With pressure gauge,
ring spanner and assembly-accessories.

Technical data
Operating temperature max. 30° C
Inlet pressure max. 16.0 bar = PN 16
(up to 12.0 bar permanently)

Back pressure 1.5 to 6 bar adjustable
Operating pressure min. 1.5 bar
Operating pressure max. 16 bar
Nominal flow rate 5.9 m³/h

Height 415 mm
width 110 mm
Depth 150 mm (without flange piece)
Depth 178 mm (with flange piece 1")

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