Double-walled stainless steel outside chimney complete set, internal diameter: 150 mm


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Double-walled stainless steel external
chimney for simple and time-saving
installation. The 30 mm thick mineral
fibre insulation ensures optimum
thermal insulation. Suitable for all
standard fireplaces that run on oil,
gas and solid fuels according to
DIN V 18160.

Technical data:
Inner diameter: 150mm
outer diameter: 210mm
clear cross-sectional area: 0.02m²
Stainless steel material thickness: 0.5mm
(flue gas duct + outer casing)
Thermal insulation: 30 mm
(flammability class: A1)

Complete package: chimney height approx. 7.5 metres

Set consisting of:
1 x C-profile wall bracket
1 x condensate bowl for wall bracket installation
1 x cleaning pipe with door (with static pipe clamps with fastener)
1 x T-piece (with static pipe clamps with fastener)
6 x pipe 1000 mm (with 6x static pipe clamps with fastener)
1 x pipe 500 mm (with static pipe clamps with fastener)
1 x pipe 250 mm (with static pipe clamps with fastener)
2 x wall bracket with interval adjustment
1 x caps
1 x transition piece 150 mm to single-walled connection
(with static pipe clamps with fastener)

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